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Isabel Swift - Project Leader

I’ve lived in Meanwood for around 4 years and have childhood memories of the park and GT Smith's from visiting my aunty here.


I am lead designer and founding director of Lemon Balm, a Meanwood based social enterprise specialising in Landscape design for Health & Wellbeing and am passionate about the active and passive benefits of bringing individuals and communities close to nature.


My design work draws on years of experience in the Community Sector and my studies in Environmental Science, Horticulture, Occupational Therapy and Zoology, specialising in Conservation & Ecology. 

Vanessa Brown

I’m a half Brummie, half Filipino adoptee of Yorkshire.


I have worked in Meanwood for almost 15 years as part of InterACT (formally known as the Three Churches Project).  We are about bringing together people of all backgrounds from across the area, so we run events, short courses and weekly groups for all ages. We also give support and advice to lots of people living locally.


I think my favourite thing about Meanwood is that people want to work together to make it a community for everyone. It's a great place to work.

Janet Matthews

I have lived in Meanwood for over 40 years. I am married with two grown up children.

I am now retired from a career in auditing and with my ‘spare time’ I have become more involved in organisations in Meanwood and Headingley.

I am currently vice chair of Meanwood Valley Partnership (MVP). I helped establish Friends of Meanwood Park and worked with others in MVP and Leeds City Council to get £65,000 funding from the lottery for the Wilderness on your Doorstep project.  

I love Meanwood Park and walk through it most days.

Ron Baker

I moved to Meanwood from Bristol 20 years ago and love the area.

After a career involving a variety of roles including training, project management, business analysis and communications I retired in 2014.  Since then I have volunteered in a variety of roles including at York Gate Garden and as Chair of Meanwood Group Practice Patient Group.  I am now part of the Communications Team on Meanwood Valley Partnership and help organise their annual festival.

I love Meanwood Park (for its history as well as its green spaces) and have explored the Meanwood Valley Trail from Woodhouse Ridge to Goldenacre Park.

Neil Pentelow

I work in the Meanwood for Leeds City Council supporting Neighbourhood Improvement partnerships and initiatives.  I work with residents, community groups, councillors, the council and other organisations on a range projects to reduce inequalities, support resident engagement and benefit communities.


I've lived in Leeds for 37 years and went to Carr Manor Primary (now Manor Wood) and Lawrence Oates Middle (now Carr Manor Community School) so I spent much of my childhood and early adulthood in and around the Meanwood area.  


I love Meanwood’s parks and green spaces including the Urban Farm as well as the diverse shops,, bars and eateries.  It has good community organisations who are passionate about the area and its residents, and who work for the area.

Adam Ogilvie

Chief Executive at Leeds charity Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. 

More info to follow.

Liz Hargreaves

Menwood resident and member of Team Beckhills.

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Our funding

Members of the Love Meanwood Steering Group celbrate the award of £10,000 by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Pictured are (L-R): Vanessa Brown from Interact Meanwood; Ron Baker & Janet Matthews from Meanwood Valley Partnership & Isabel Swift, Project Lead from Meanwood based Lemon Balm.

Love Meanwood is grateful to the following for their generous funding of our project:

  • The National Lottery Community Fund.

  • Leeds City Council Inner North East & Inner North West Community Committees.

  • Leeds City Council Inner North East & Inner North West Housing Advisory Panels.

  • Meanwoood Valley Partnership

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