Hello Meanwood!

Thanks for stopping by. We are a group of people who live or work in, and love Meanwood.

We want to empower and enable people from Meanwood to take part in improving our community.

We will do our best to ask as many as possible of the 12,500 people who live in Meanwood for their thoughts and ideas on how we can improve the public spaces in our local area. We plan to do this through a series of community events and an online questionnaire over the next 6 months.

From this we will create a document bringing together the ideas generated. The document will also give access to resources for those people who want to put the ideas into action.

We will launch this document at the 2020 Meanwood Festival.

We'll be adding more information about the Love Meanwood project and how you can take part very soon, so keep an eye on this website. 

You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



...has it's own urban farm which opened in 1980.

...has approximately 12,500 people residents.

...has a memorial in the park to Antarctic explorer Captain Oates

...has a clock (Holy Trinity Church) that was by built by Edward John Dent, the same man who contributed to the making of Big Ben

...crosses three council ward boundaries & two parliamentary constituencies

   ...Meanwood Valley Trail & the  Alwoodley to Leeds City Centre Core Cycle Route

"is a community in inner North Leeds"

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