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- an update (Apr 20)

Hello everyone, we hope you are all well.


We are slowing our project development because the current restrictions thave severely affected our ability to develop the fantastic ideas we have received during our two consultations - see details below.


We want to reassure you that our enthusiasm for the project is as strong as ever and we remain committed to developing these ideas into A Vision for Meanwood.  


To enable us to take the vision forward we will bring together the people interested in developing the 3 big projects further for training and to hear speakers who've delivered similar projects elsewhere.  Our provisional plan is now to do this in late summer / early autumn, and to launch the vision document and next steps in autumn/winter 2020. 


In the meantime, how about posting positive images of Meanwood on Instagram and Facebook using #lovemeanwood.


Stay safe.


The Love Meanwood team

Love Meanwood so far

Meanwood is a community in Inner North Leeds of around 12,500 people, with the Meanwood valley passing through it.

Our community crosses more than one electoral ward boundary and includes a diverse range of neighbourhoods and people.

Our community has changed quickly in terms of the buildings and public spaces we use, and the people who live here, and a group of local residents and community organisations came together with a view to creating a Community Led Vision for our future Meanwood.

We've based the project around three themes:

  • Enjoying a healthy life
  • Climate change, our environment and the landscape around us
  • Equal access for all members of the community to facilities, services and public spaces

We'll use our vision to guide future plans for designs and ideas for both green and concrete areas, footpaths, shopping areas etc, and also community projects that could benefit us all. It will be a useful tool to speak with Leeds City Council about new building developments and town planning policies for our community in the future. And also to attract the resources (money and help) that we’ll need to achieve change. 

Consultation Stage 1 – Questionnaire & Public Consultation

Our initial survey took place in Jan 2020.  It’s aim was to talk to as many people from the widest variety of backgrounds and ages as possible.  To do this we set up an online survey and held face to face events at:

  • Two local shopping centres;
  • a local school;
  • a mosque;
  • a Meanwood Valley Partnership public meeting; plus
  • four additional ‘mop-up’ events.


We received 400 responses in total.  Key data from the completed questionnaires:


  • 5% of respondents felt like they lived in Meanwood
  • 12% work in Meanwood
  • 9% were aged 19 or under
  • 75% were aged 65 and over
  • 25% were aged 20 - 64
  • 38 people who live in council housing responded
  • 8 live in other social housing.
  • 65% of respondents were female and 35% male


Consultation Stage 2 - Workshop Event 27th Feb 2020

From the initial survey responses we grouped what people told us they were passionate to change into 32 different groups (where people were talking about similar or the same thing).  We then further grouped these into 7 'project ideas' where several topics linked enough and the project met 2 or more of the initial project themes.

We invited 123 people from the initial survey (who said they were keen to be involved) to the evening event. 50 people got tickets.

The event of the 27th had 32 members of the public in attendance plus 5 steering group members (3 of whom are local residents).  From this 28 people pledged to stay involved with one of more of the 7 areas for development that we discussed.

From the pledges we can focus on the ‘project ideas’ which the most people want to drive forwards:

As a result of the discussion at the evening we have grouped the 7 areas for development under one of three ‘Big Project’ areas:

  • The Heart of Meanwood
  • Green Space
  • Connections


Here’s a thank you quote from one of the attendees on 27th Feb: 


Thank you for an amazing evening. 

It was so good to meet people from Meanwood who are equally or more passionate about different aspects of Meanwood. 

I hope lots of good things come out of it and look forward to being involved. 

Many thanks”

A great turnout for our first consultation

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